Heating Oil Prices


Two Tiered Pricing

1.  Premium Service – $2.39 per gallon

Automatic delivery with an 11 month budget payment program.  You only make partial payments over time. Visa/Mastercard accepted.

2.  Regular Service – $2.19 per gallon  **Order Online NOW**

Our most popular plan. Automatic delivery with full payment due within ten (10) days of delivery. Visa/Mastercard accepted.


FAQs on Oil Pricing

1.  Why 2 different prices?

A.  Premium service customers are only making partial payments each month, we are carrying the balance over time.

B.  Regular service customers are choosing to pay off their balance in full within 10 days.  Our suppliers demand payment in full within 10 days and offer a discount for doing so, and we pass it along to you.

2.  Can I call in for my oil deliveries or order my oil on-line?

Yes of course, many people do.  The ideal time is when your tank reaches 3/8 this allows us time to schedule and keeps your delivery size moderate.

3.  If I am a regular automatic net–10 customer but can’t pay in full in 10 days what happens?

You will be charged the premium price.

To see how we stack up against others, visit our oil pricing information page.